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Waterfall Rappelling
waterfall rappelling at khunewadi waterfall Lonawala
waterfall rappelling at vihigaon waterfall Kasara
waterfall rappelling at Wageshwar waterfall Karjat
Flying Fox
Flying Fox at Dhangar Waterfall Badlapur
Flying Fox at Bekre Waterfall Bhivpuri

Rappelling at Karnala 125Fts Karnala

Dukesnose Rappelling at 350 Fts Khandala
Takmak Tok Rappelling at 300 Fts Raigadh
Sarasgadh Wall Rapelling at 500 Fts Pali
Valley Crossing
Peb Matheran 350 fts Peb Fort
Matheran Valley Crossing 600 fts Matheran

School Holiday Camping / Summer Camp

A proven study from the summer camps, the great majority reported increases in everything from grades to Self – esteem, with following figures:

  • 84% Increase Self Esteem
  • 73% Improve Grades
  • 81% Develop More Confidence
  • 68% Increase Motivation
  • 98% Continue to Use Skills

BASIC has reasons to propose this Summer Camp, as follows:

  1. The outdoor environment has unique characteristics and features
  2. Outdoor Learning has equal value to indoor learning
  3. Outdoor learning has a positive impact on children’s well being and development
  4. Children need the support of attentive and engaged adults who are enthusiastic about the outdoors and understand the importance of outdoor learning
  5. Outdoor learning is enhanced by an environment that is richly resourced with play materials that can be adapted and used in different ways
  6. An approach to outdoor learning that considers experiences rather than equipment, places children at the centre of the provision being made