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Indoor Climbing Walls Construction

Artificial walls for climbing as a quick and dirty practice environment for rock climbing, when actual rock was unavailable. Over the years, it has developed as a full blown sport. Climbing on Artificial walls provides a stable and controllable atmosphere for climbing and can be suited for all levels of climbers.

Artificial walls are quickly catching on as healthy recreation as well, with gyms,w corporates and even educational institutions providing climbing walls for its members to encourage an attitude of fitness and conquering challenges.

Artificial walls can be designed to be flexible toward changing abilities, and can easily be modified to change difficulty levels. Different routes on the wall can also be set for different grades of climbing challenge.

Wide Aware designs and creates walls for organizations and individuals wishing to have walls for their own pusposes. We construct walls for a wide variety of budgets and sizes. There is sure to be space you own that can be developed to provide this excellent means of exercise. Rock climbing wall construction is not just a service, but an ongoing passion with us. Rock climbing wall builders must have that passion, we think, if the product is to be any good.

Materials range from the least expensive plywood, to the enduring fibreglass structures designed for lasting use in high wear and tear situations like gyms.

Previous Projects

Raghavendra Kale (Raka)heads this area of Wide Aware, and has a great deal of experience in climbing as well as constructing walls for different pusposes.

Some notable projects include the walls at the Murbad military school, Andheri Sports Complex (shown left - which was later dismantled and re-located in Manali for the use of Himalayan Mountain Trekkers) and the Wellingkar Management Institute (shown above).

We recently consulted on the development of walls at the Kamath Residency (Nagothane) and Hans Adventure Resort (Sutarwadi) in the Konkan.

Raka has also been actively involved in the construction of the wall at the Nandadeep school in Goregaon.

Some projects in Mumbai are under development, and will be added here when complete.

Completed include materials ranging from plywood to fibreglass, and are suitable for use by individuals at home, or public use like in gyms or other training facilities.