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Pratapgarh, a very strong hill fort built by Shivaji in 1656-58 AD, is 24kms west of Mahabaleshwar and about 145kms south of Pune.  Before Shivaji, the hill, known as Bhorapya, was a flat-topped high round rock at the head of the densely forested Koyana basin.  The construction of the fort was entrusted to Moropant Pingale, who later became Shivaji’s Peshwa, and Hiroji Indulkar, the architect.  A special feature of the fort is its double line of fortification and walls on all sides, their heights varying according to the nature of the ground.   The upper fort is built across the northern and western crest of the hill measuring about 180sq.metres.  The lower fort is built on the southern and the eastern terrace with walls and strong bastions at corners on projecting spurs.  Apart from other monuments, there is on the eastern portion of the lower fort the temple of Bhavani, the family deity of the Bhosales, built by Shivaji.  Today a motorable road takes the traveler quite close to the fort.
The most important event connected with Pratapgarh is the Shivaji-Afzal Khan episode.  It was the base of this fort that Shivaji, on 10the November 1659, scored a historic victory against the mighty Afzal Khan, commander of the Bijapur Adishahi forces.  The episode, in which Afzal Khan was overpowered and killed by Shivaji, is well known.  In short, it can be said that in a very critical situation Shivaji showed the presence of mind and Afzal Khan paid the price for his rash overconfidence.  Now there exists a grave at the place where Afzal Khan was killed.  To commemorate the tricentennary of that historic event, and equestrian statue of Shivaji was installed at the top of the Pratapgarh fort in 1959 AD.